Today’s generation of soon-to-be-wed couples are quickly adapting to life in uncertain times, with all of the possible student debt, mortgage debt, and the like — they’re moving on, growing up, falling in love, and still having the best wedding they could have ever wished for.

Today’s weddings are based more intricately on the couple than an institution, and come without a lot of the bloat of a typical wedding.

Contemporary weddings often combine people, places, foods, and music which the bride and groom have experienced together, and take place at home as opposed to a more traditional (and costly) church, or otherwise.

That means food trucks, photo booths, and backyard ceremonies (and great parties!).

There are a lot of benefits to an at-home wedding, beyond it being an incredibly great cost savings, and feeling more intimate. And you can do anything you want.

A home wedding offers more flexibility in terms of photography, theme and decoration — and you’re not boxed into another pre-packaged wedding. It says “We Are Blue Steel and we got this”.

Here are a few tips on how to make your modern backyard wedding memorable; we’ve also included some seasonal tips, for autumn weddings.

What’s a Picture Worth?

For generations, photo booths have been a part of our closest relationships. Memorable days recorded, and maybe a few first stolen kisses have taken place within the grimy walls of a public photo booth.

Because of this they make the perfect addition to your wedding reception and post-reception activities; whether it’s a party, dance, singing songs, skits, or playing games.

Meals on Wheels

Food trucks are perfectly suited for home weddings, for dinner, or a late night snack.

Your wedding reception should include the food that brought you together, not fancy eats for the sake of showing face.

No matter the kind of food you’re looking for or how your wedding party might be themed –there’s a food truck for that. So you can keep your kitchen clean, and pay less than what it costs to hire a caterer.

Food trucks add a sense of rustic authenticity to your wedding day, and might even bring back some memories of food truck regulars from their last heyday in the 40’s – 60’s.

The opportunities are endless; ice cream, cupcakes, tacos, burgers, fish and chips, steak, fresh sea food, pizza, poutine, and a whole lot more.

Take Advantage of the Season

Home weddings are great around Autumn because the changing colour of the leaves make a great backdrop, and harvest themed decorative items are cheap and easy to acquire.

Some seasonal ideas for Autumn weddings include; Canadian maple syrup favours, pinecone wedding bouquets for bridesmaids, pumpkin or apple table settings, plate settings made out of flattened leaves, getting photos done surrounded by fall leaves and colours, serving seasonal pies, or using fabric-covered hay bales for ceremony seating.

With a Little Help From Your Friends

In addition to your typical wedding shower, don’t be afraid to ask your friends if they’d like to help out with baking and some food preparation. Buy a couple boxes of wine, and invite anyone from the bride or groom’s side of the guest list to join you in a day of cooking and drinks.

The results are often wonderful, because everyone likes showing off a little, and it gives your close friends and relatives another way to show how much they care.


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