A fascinating blog post from Emily of Beauty by Ejoiner about her experience of making up brides at a Bridal fayre. You can find examples of Emily’s work here www.ejoiner.co.uk

I walked into the bridal fayre as it was being set up. It was my first experience of attending one, however I was there as the makeup artist for all of the models who were in the fashion show not as a bride to be. There was only me and a couple of other stall holders, not even the bridal shop staff I was working alongside were there when I arrived. I set up my items such as price lists on the allocated table and left to search for the models.

Eventually I found a couple to start working my magic on (not that they needed it as they were all pretty). I started with the lead model who had arranged all the models, her hair was easy to do – an up do of spirals in a bun- and her makeup was simple to, we went for a natural look using shades of pink and beige as she felt this would suit her age (mid 30’s) and her skin tone. The other bridal models who were of a similar age let me choose what I thought suited them best (both hair and makeup) and it went well.

Then it was finally the younger models, there were two of them both around the 16 year mark who had been chosen to model so some dresses appealed to a younger bridal market. They were the hardest of the models to please. In the end again I went for primarily natural colours as they were wearing dresses in a variety of colours. It took a lot of convincing but eventually after many looks in the mirror in their own clothes and the dresses they decided this was the right choice. I am glad I put my foot down and proved that this was the best and most viable option for the fashion show and both the bridal shop owner and brides to be who took information from our stand agreed with me.

I looked back at the end of a very tiring day, after being pulled in as a model at the last minute myself because one dress did not suit the skin tone of the intended model, I was pleased with what I had achieved. Although it was a lot of incredibly hard work from the planning to the end of the event, I would recommend any budding Makeup Artist to experience it and any bride to be to attend at least one bridal fayre when organising your wedding as you get to meet a lot of amazingly talented people and you never know you might find the piece of the puzzle you had previously felt you were missing.

Thankyou to Emily for sharing her experience, make sure you visit her website and see some examples of her stunning work


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