The one wedding related series that I have seen cause more fuss and discussion on Twitter than any other has been Channel 4’s ‘Big fat gypsy weddings’ . If you have seen it you’ll know exactly what I mean- if you haven’t you are missing a treat! Huge pink dresses that weigh more than the bride herself, glitter spray, fairy lights and wedding cakes shaped like giant fairy castles. And as for the wedding jewellery……picture Barbie meets Jordan meets Disney princess and you’re still not even close! The highlight of the last series had to be the bride with l.e.d. lights all over her wedding dress, who was being closely followed around he venue by the dress designer with a portable fire extinguisher…just in case!

The life of these gypsy girls seems to be full of contradictions, they are brought up strictly- no sex before marriage, and they are accompanied on all dates but they all dress very provocatively, tiny hotpants, high heels and bra tops seem to be the norm. The sight of 5 and 6 year old girls dancing at the wedding disco in these outfits doing moves that Rhianna or Beyonce would be proud of was actually quite disturbing.

The usual age of marriage is 16 or 17, and as soon as they are hitched they become housewives in the most traditional sense of the word. Going out to work is frowned on and they seem to spend most of their days cleaning their trailers which are showhome spotless. You can see why they want to spend their wedding day dressed up as a fairytale princess, as their life afterwards seems to be more Cinderella than happily ever after.

If you haven’t seen the series and want to see what I am talking about you can see some pictures here

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