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A basic guide to booking a live band for your wedding

Planning on having a live wedding band?

When it comes to planning your wedding there are so many things to take into account. All too often you have to trust the judgement of others and go with recommendations that you will only experience for yourself on the big day. The one thing that has all so often been a frustration in the great many weddings I have been invited to is the general low standard of wedding bands coupled to rather large price paid for their services. Prices range broadly from £300 to £3000 depending on which band you book and if you go through an agency. Rarely is the price an indication of quality so don’t be fooled.

Where to find the best bands

If you are looking for a quality function band there are a few options and things to look out for. Firstly stay clear of the many agencies that will be trying to make a quick sale and bag a considerable deposit only to put you in direct contact with the band and play no further part despite their claims. The same band will probably be selling themselves under a different name somewhere on the web and be bookable with no additional agent fee saving you between 15-20% already. So why not have a look at one such place where only quality bands are allowed to advertise and only remain on the site if the feedback on the bands is good. Try a free resource set up to list do just this. Your other option is to go for recommended, tried and tested bands like ‘The Pussycats’ ( who have been performing at the highest level for over 10 years as well as backing countless major artists. Believe it or not booking such a band directly will not break the bank.

The venue and space requirements

Remember when booking a live band to always check with the venue you are booking at where the best place for the band to set up is. Base this on the availability of power, the size of the band and needless to say, having spent a considerable amount of your budget on the band, make them a feature and don’t stick them in the corner. It will make their job very hard.

Use your ears before your eyes

As well as demo recordings bands are often displaying videos on their sites. Be warned, a lot of time and effort goes into these videos and it’s not always a true representation of the band. You are better off simply listening to the demo tracks and using your ears to determine if the band is made up of quality musicians.

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