I’m afraid this post is purely to show off my three books in the manner of a proud parent parading their perfectly behaved offspring….so apologies for that. However if you have or are thinking of starting an online business, or you are getting married then keep reading because they will be useful to you!

The first one was the original ‘Wedding Insider’ ,written with the help of the cream of the crop of wedding suppliers from all over the industry it provides advice, hints and tips for anyone planning their wedding.

the wedding insider

Next up is ‘The Hindsight Handbook’ Everything I wish I’d known about starting an online business. This was written to help people starting an online business not to make the silly mistakes that I did when starting out. It had a lovely mention on this blog yesterday with the writer currently having it as her bedtime reading!

the hindsight handbook

Lastly is the ingeniously titled ‘The Wedding Insider 2’ which (you guessed it) is the follow up to the Wedding Insider. A bigger book with all the information from the original book plus a whole lot more from new contributors.

wedding insider 2

All of these are available for Kindle and in paperback versions from Amazon, just click on the pictures and follow the link if you like the look of any of them….but be nice…they’re my children!

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