Ive got a fantastic guest blog post for you today from the absolutely lovely Lorraine at MyBeautyLoves Blog all about your bridal makeup with some amazing tips! Remember once you’ve read this to go over to her blog and enter the competition to win a Mac lipstick!!


Bridal Makeup Tips


Here are just a few little tips for those lovely brides to be out there who are doing their own makeup, or having a friend do their makeup for their special day.


When choosing your foundation, you’ll need to choose one with no SPF in it, also a primer and powder with no SPF. This is because SPF causes what’s known as “flashback”, so when you are having photos taken, it will make your face look very white or pale and noticeably different to the rest of your body.


You also need to stay away from HD foundations and powder. HD makeup was designed for use in filming, it wasn’t designed for flash photography. If you’ve ever seen the articles in the news of celebs that seem to have white powder on their faces, its actually a white caste caused by the HD products. To illustrate this, pop along and have a quick look at this video where you can see him at the end actually put this to the test and you can see clearly where the HD products are:



If you are a sufferer of oily skin, or if you tend to overheat easily, the best face powders to use are loose, blotting powders. These usually look white, MAC make a loose setting powder which I always use – it helps to soak up any oils on your skin, but doesn’t add coverage or texture which means you can powder throughout the day without the worry of having a “cakey” look, which happens when you top up ordinary face powder throughout the day.


You also want to set your makeup when you’re finished – one of the better and longest lasting setting spray is one by Ben Nye, made specifically for makeup artists and the theatre, but available to buy easily to the general public.


If you want to change your soft, pretty daytime bridal look up a bit for the evening then all you need to do is take along an eyeliner pencil and just fill in your waterline to up the drama a notch, and a sparkly lipgloss to replace your lipstick.


When it comes to choosing your lipstick, its important to make it last all day. The best lipstick colour for your wedding day is one that is only a couple of shades darker than your lip colour. To make it last all day, use a transparent lip liner around the edges of the lips to help prevent feathering. Then use a lip liner as close as possible to your natural lip colour, but don’t just line the lips, fill the lips in too to give an all over cover, then apply your first coat of lipstick. Blot all over with a lint free tissue. Apply a second coat generously. Blot again, but lighter. The take a sheet of tissue, peel off the layers til you only have one ply tissue, place over your open mouth gently, then dust some loose powder over it – this essentially sets your lipstick, just as it sets foundation! Then apply another light layer of lipstick but this time only blot the parts of the lips that meet.


Keep a facial mist to hand to spray when you’re feeling hot, it won’t harm your makeup so long as its a light spritz, and if you’re really hot, try running your wrists under cool water to cool your face down.


With all that said, I hope you have a wonderful day full of memories to treasure, including gorgeous photos!


To enter my giveaway for a chance to win a perfect bridal MAC lipstick for fair skin, please follow this link and enter as instructed. Also feel free to use the Contact Me form for free help or advice on makeup for your big day! Giveaway closes at 9pm on Thursday 12th June 2014.


Lorraine (MyBeautyLoves.co.uk) X

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