What is with the current trend for bridesmaids posing showing their bums?  I’m deliberately not including pictures in this post as I don’t really want them on my website but I’m sure you’ve seen them on Pinterest or Facebook….group photos of the bride and bridesmaids backs to the camera and hitching their skirts up to various degrees of tackiness, there’s usually one poor bridesmaid who really doesn’t want to do it looking uncomfortable and more disturbingly even young bridesmaids joining in.

So whats started all this? Is it purely pervy photographers ….’I’ve got a great idea girls’  Or a progression from kilt clad groomsmen showing what is/isn’t under their kilts?

My opinion is that it’s tasteless, and is more at home on a chavvy hen night than a wedding day, what do you think?  Just a harmless laugh or plain wrong?

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