It’s easy to spend over a year planning your wedding but did you get everything right? If you could go back in time is there anything you would do differently?  This is the question I asked followers on Twitter and Facebook and below are their answers….some sensible…some not so….and a couple that could get the respondant in deep trouble….


@thepeardrop – Only one thing I’d change…I’d do it 3 years earlier so my Mum could have been there. Should never put these things off.

@stupidgirl_no1  – I’d get more photos of both Mums ,esp as one has since died.

@courtenayphoto – To be honest, I wouldn’t have changed my day for anything…& would gladly do it all over again! :-)…same woman too! Lol

Lorraine via Facebook – Loads to say. Would have hired the dress not bought. Would have had friends at all of it rather than the aunts and        uncles  I hardly knew ! Would have hired a different photographer as he was a bit pervy. Would have had a chocolate wedding cake had fruit cake cos traditional and I hate it ! And finally would not have worn a veil but my mum said she wouldn’t come if I didn’t wear it. Despite the moans it was still a wonderful day !

@icemaidencakes – I would def cough up for a wedding photographer- a friend took our photos & they are fine but just the basic group shots. A pro would have captured all the little details that are now lost. It’s the only thing I would change though 🙂

@Tantrums_tiaras – My hairstyle…I hated it!!

@Richard_Honey – What I would change is that I wouldn’t have turned up at the first one..!

@lizcable – The Groom…

@hertschick – My husband ha ha ha (now Ex husband)

I think this will be a two part post as I still have answers coming in so watch this space! Thanks to everyone who replied and shared their thoughts.


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