How Do You Choose Effective Wedding Jewellery?

A bride has so many things to take into consideration on her wedding day that it’s easy to neglect some of the other important, although perhaps less obvious, areas of wedding preparation. One common oversight is not ensuring that the bride and her bridesmaids wear fashionable jewellery that will appropriately match their dresses and make for perfect wedding photography.
The last thing you want is to look back at your pictures and see an array of horrible clashing jewellery and outfits that don’t fit the tone and style of your big day.
Well, to avoid such an awkward scenario we have written up a list of some of the most important ways to make sure that you match the jewellery with your wedding dress without disastrous results.

Matching jewellery with a short-sleeve wedding dress

A short sleeve wedding dress is ideal for brides wanting to glam themselves up in jewellery. This is because bare arms will definitely need to be decorated with bracelets to create a glamorous effect that match the design of her dress. However, it isn’t just wedding gowns that need complimenting.
Increasingly brides are choosing to reflect their jewellery in the colour of the flowers in their bridal bouquet. This makes for a striking visual effect which looks beautiful in wedding photographs, especially when the bridesmaids all employ a similar effect with their bouquet.
This approach is at its most powerful when the ceremony is an outdoor event, such as summer weddings at exclusive use wedding venues in the country.

Matching your dress with head jewellery

A Halter Neck dress is ideal for wearing if a bride intends for her head jewellery to be the primary focus of her outfit. Earrings and hair pins made of beautiful materials like crystal are perfect for reflecting the expense and glamour of a wedding dress.
Of course, a major factor in a bride supporting head jewellery with her gown is in the beauty of the hairstyle she chooses. The best styles to select are ones that look adorable without distracting too much from the jewellery, such as a flowing ponytail or a stylish bun.
If you want your hairstyle to create a greater reflection of both your jewellery and your dress in, why not add a couple of the flowers from the wedding bouquet into your hair for a matching effect? This is a particularly good idea for summer ceremonies that have a more casual tone.

Matching jewellery with a strapless wedding dress

With a strapless wedding dress it’s essential that the bride wears a beautiful, striking necklace that accentuates her beauty, but knowing which kind of necklace to choose is often difficult.
Naturally making a good choice often depends on the bride’s style of dress and her personal preference, but when there’s no clear choice, a traditional thin chained pendant will provide an enduring, beautiful look. This compliments the appearance of a V-neck wedding dress particularly well.

Mixing the old with the new

Many brides like to create a contrast between contemporary and classic wedding dress styles as this manages to capture a classical wedding aesthetic without either appearing too archaic or relying too heavily on the style of a modern ceremony. One way to achieve such a look through the use of jewellery is to match a trinket with a classic appearance to a striking modern gown; such as an Augusta Jones wedding dress design.

Your personal choice is worth more than diamonds

Jewellery is an element of a wedding that can easily be misconstrued. We’ve come to think of weddings as ceremonies where the bride must be covered head to toe in expensive materials, but this should really be a decision that relies on her own personal style choice. Diamonds are not necessarily every girl’s best friend; especially when they cost thousands of pounds.
A bride cannot fully enjoy her wedding day if she doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s better for her to choose jewellery she will actually like rather than simply following the path of incorporating the jewellery traditionally associated with weddings.
Choosing to instead wear elegant handcrafted necklaces and bracelets creates a wonderful alternative with a more personal touch. Many brides make this choice because it allows them to stay within their budget while dressing up without worrying about financial expense.

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