How Can I Choose The Right Engagement Ring?

If you are a man who is about to buckle down and buy an engagement ring, first, you must remember to stay calm, this is a really big step for you too. Between social expectations and the preferences of the person to whom you are proposing, it is easy to feel as though you are being besieged by too many options. Take a deep breath, and realize that finding the right engagement ring is easy as long as you keep just a few important facts in mind.

First, make sure that you know what the recipient likes in terms of style. If you are dealing with a woman who loves glitz and glamour, you may want an engagement ring that features a princess-cut diamond, which is renowned for its brilliance. On the other hand, if your special lady is someone who prefers things more traditional or classic, consider a solitaire marquise-cut diamond.

If you are wondering how to find a ring that suits your lady, start by checking out the pieces that she already wears. For example, what kind of jewellery does she prefer, and what metals does she like best? If she wears a great deal of cooler metals, like silver or pewter, choose platinum or white gold for the ring’s setting. If she prefers richer tones, consider yellow gold, or even rose gold if you know that she would prefer something a little out of the ordinary.

When you are purchasing an engagement ring, the question of the setting material is typically answered for you. Most engagement rings use platinum, white gold or yellow gold. These days, many women adore platinum on their engagement ring. Platinum is the most expensive, but it also resists tarnish in a way that gold does not. However, platinum is also the most expensive ring to repair if it becomes damaged, so this is also something to keep in mind.

Don’t forget your budget. Conventional wisdom states that a man should purchase a wedding ring that is equal to two months’ worth of salary. This is an old-fashioned convention, but it is not a bad one. This gives you a price range to work with, and in total honesty, if you end up spending a little bit less chances are good that no one is going to notice.

When you are ready and have saved to buy the ring, you must start researching the various types of ring and look on-line to see if you can see the type of ring you like, check the carat, cut and details of the setting and metal used so that when you go to look in the flesh you know exactly what you are looking for. Then visiting a store to physically look at ring might also help you make a decision. Once you have honed in on a place to buy and one or two rings you like, at this point if you are not 100% sure of the final decision, asking a friend who knows you both very well to help you think it through might be a good idea whether it is your friend or hers.

When you go to purchase an engagement ring, there are many things on your mind. Take a deep breath, and remember to stay calm; it’s easier than you might believe!

Author Bio:
Rebecca is writing for samara dealing with everything that sparkles for the big proposal with a stunning variety of engagement rings including solitaire, princess, emerald and marquise cut diamond rings from Samara James Jewellery. Rebecca also runs her own wedding organising business in the West Midlands in the UK and enjoys getting everything perfect for the bride and groom on their big day.

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