How To Choose Your Wedding Day Shoes by Lisa Oliver

There are three things every bride-to-be needs to make sure she gets right to have the perfect wedding day – well, four things if you include choosing the right groom! But putting Mr Right aside, you also need to have your dream wedding dress, the perfect jewellery to match it, and gorgeous shoes that make you feel happy every time you look at your feet. But how do you choose the right wedding shoes for you? And what makes a perfect wedding shoe anyway?

Choose Your Dress First
Just like choosing your bridal jewellery, it’s important to choose your dress before you choose your wedding shoes. Your wedding dress is the focal point of your big day and will set the theme for everything else about your wedding, including your accessories. Much like your dress, the right shoes also need to be comfortable enough to take you through your wedding ceremony and evening party. You don’t want to be worrying about blisterFades and aching feet on the most important day of your life. Avoid anything with too high a heel, and make sure that you get the size right: if you’re shoes are too tight then you’re on a one way path to wedding day foot pain. Once you have your shoes you need to break them in. Wear them around the house at least a couple of times before your wedding day: hoovering your living room will never feel as glamorous as when you’re doing it in your bridal shoes!
So now you know what you’re looking for in a comfortable shoe, which style of shoe is right for your wedding style?
Traditional Wedding: 
Traditional weddings tend to be large family affairs. They are often held in the summer and involve a traditional church service followed by a sit down dinner in a country house or marquee in the family grounds.  No wedding is cheap, but large, traditional weddings can be the most expensive of all. Remember that if you’re having a traditional wedding it’s more important than ever to have adequate protection for your big day, in case something goes wrong with your dress and shoes, or your venue. Traditional brides opt for wedding shoes that match their wedding dress. This means that if your dress is made of silk, taffeta or crepe, your shoes will be too. Traditional brides also match the colour of their wedding shoes to their wedding dress too – you can find the perfect match by taking a swatch of your dress fabric along with you when you go shoe shopping. Peep toe court shoes, open toed sandals, and round heeled pumps are all great options for the traditional bride.
Modern Wedding: 
Modern weddings are slick and minimalist The ceremony and reception are often held at the same venue. Although they have lots of personal touches from the happy couple, they don’t go over the top with floral feminine detailing.  If you have a modern wedding remember to ask your photographer to take plenty of photos of your personal touches and décor. Modern brides tend to wear more streamlined gowns with a focus on the embellishment rather than the shape of the dressFor the modern bride the best choice of shoe colour is metallic: and your shoes will look fantastic if you match them to your jewellery and any embellishment .Silver jewellery teamed with silver leather shoes is the perfect combination for a modern bride. When it comes to shoe styles you should look for platform heels with metallic detailing on the toes, minimalist kitten heels, or even flat glossy pumps for the ultimate in foot comfort!
Quirky Wedding: 
Anything goes if you’re having a quirky wedding! From receptions held on the beach to weddings with flamboyant themes, the quirky bride wants to throw an event unlike anyone else’s. This will definitely be a wedding no one will ever forget. Quirky brides don’t follow any traditional bridal rules, so they can really make a statement with their shoes. Opt for a skinny stiletto heeled sandal in your favourite colour if you’re having a formal dress. For a more casual ceremony why not try sandals with floral embellishment or heels covered in coloured diamante. When it comes to style and colour, really anything goes as long as it’s comfortable and it steals your heart!

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