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In recent years we have seen a big change in wedding hair styles from quite rigidly crafted and some would say formally stiff, to a more free flowing, natural feel that is also much easier to attain and maintain throughout your wedding day. However, the style you choose is very important, and must complement the style and cut of your wedding dress.


Don’t forget that potentially hundreds of eyes will be watching you as you elegantly glide along the aisle, so you want your wedding hair style to complete the picture and not detract from it. The best way to achieve the perfect hair style for you is to put in a little research and practice well in advance of your wedding day.


A suggestion would be to browse through the pages of some popular bridal magazines and tear out any styles that you are particularly attracted to.  Take these along with you to a consultation with your hairstylist who will be able to advise you of the styles that would suit your face shape and hair type. You will then be able to practice these styles with your hairdresser to try them out and see how you feel about them.  It would be a good idea to wear each style for a day to see how you cope with it. You may find that a simple sweeping up do looks stunning when you leave the salon, but by the time you make it to the evening your hair may well have shaken loose, and could look rather dishevelled. If you have particularly fine hair you may be better having a more free-flowing style with a gloss shine treatment applied so you can easily brush your hair back into shape during the day.


Your wedding jewellery is also worth thinking about. If you are having a low cut wedding dress and plan to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery around your neck that you really want to show off, then having your necklace hidden with a long hairstyle would not be a good idea.


Another important consideration would also be your bridesmaid’s hairstyles. If you are happy to let your bridesmaids have their own individual styles, then that is great. However, if you are looking for a more streamline style for your wedding where your bridesmaid dresses and hair complement your own, it is not going to work if you want them all to have French Twists, but two of them have short hair. Rather than go with a ‘biscuit cutter’ approach where they all match, why not go with individual styles that complement their looks and personality.


If you really want some coordination with your bridesmaid hairstyles, then why not go with matching hair accessories? There are some beautiful jewelled hair slides, clips or Alice bands that each maid can wear. Or why not have some small flower headdresses created that coordinate with the wedding colour theme. They can also wear matching jewellery which will help to complete the look, and add a dash of glamour and style to the occasion.


Take some time to consider your choices of wedding hair style and wedding jewellery accessories, practice and experiment with different looks and styles before making a final decision. It may cost you a little money to do this, but it will save you any worries and headaches about your choices on the most important day of your life.






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