Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, so you will want to look as elegant

and beautiful as possible. Jewellery plays an important part of your wedding ensemble and you want to choose a style that compliments your look and feels comfortable to wear.

Sometimes it is nice to have your closest friends help select your jewellery pieces, after all they are ones who know you best and will be honest about what will suit you, especially if you are finding it difficult to choose by yourself. However, never let your friends influence you too much. They may get a little carried away and start choosing for themselves rather than for you. This is your big day so you have to be completely happy with the final choice.

Consider your wedding dress when looking at your jewellery options. Does your dress carry embellishments that can be complimented by matching certain tones within your necklace? Seed pearl threads on your dress or train can be emphasised by the glow of a pearl necklace and earring set for example.

Will you be wearing a headdress or veil? Intricately woven headdresses made from fresh or silk flowers are beautiful and can quite often inject a colourful twist to your look. Adding coloured jewellery to your ensemble can help to lift your spirits as well as look spectacular in your wedding photograph. If you are having a traditional white bridal gown, then the addition of colourful jewellery and a fresh flower headdress can really bring your wedding photographs to life. Sometimes a white dress with understated jewellery can end up looking a little flat in pictures. This can be avoided by choosing floral embellishments and fresh, colourful jewellery.

There is so much choice available when it comes to bridal jewellery that you may be tempted to overdo it and buy too many pieces, or choose ones that are overly large in size that can end up making you look like a Christmas tree rather than a blushing bride. As the title says – pick trendy, not spendy. Chose fashion forward designs that are hot right now, this way you will be more than happy to continue to wear your jewellery long after your wedding day and can be something beautiful to make your friends jealous.

Choosing a classical necklace for your wedding day can mean you also will have a ‘go-to’ necklace for evenings out on your honeymoon, and long into the future. If you are a bit of afashionista, then a more contemporary look would suit your style and will also compliment your existing wardrobe. Choosing the perfect piece can really give you years of pleasure.





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