Picking the perfect shoes for any occasion can be hard work but when it comes to choosing your  wedding shoes it can be an overwhelming task, there are so many styles available that knowing where to start can be impossible.

Of course you want the ultimate pair of glam shoes but comfort (yes, boring I know) should also be a consideration. Styles such as this traditional open toe design (above) are popular as they not only look good but the heel is low enough to still be comfortable to wear. If you just read that and thought ‘pah…I live in stilletoes’ then perhaps a strappy pair like this would be more your cup of tea?

Keeping on the skyscraper theme then why not add a touch of bling? Perhaps you have a simple sheath wedding dress but want that touch of sparkle just peeping out? Shoes are the ideal way to indulge your diamante loving side without coming over all ‘big fat gypsy wedding’  These beautiful heels are embellished with crystal…and are not for the faint hearted or those afraid of heights…

If just the thought of sliding your poor tootsies into a pair of those torture devices brings you out in a sweat then perhaps these flatties will be more your style? Comfy yet still glam they would look lovely with a tea dress length gown or hidden under a long length gown for the taller bride who doesn’t want to tower over her groom.

You could also follow the new trend of having two different wedding dresses (and therefore pairs of shoes) on your big day. Perhaps you want the comfort of flatties during the day and then change into your high heels for the evening party? Or the other way round…stilletoes for the service and photographs (especially if you have a tall groom!) and then dance the night away in a pair of satin ballet pumps.

Take your time choosing and make sure whichever pair (or pairs) of wedding shoes you choose that you give them a good trial before the wedding day, you don’t want to ruin your day by being in pain from too tight shoes. And finally for peace of mind and comfort of foot make sure your bridesmaids are carrying a supply of plasters and gel inserts just in case!

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