So what did you get for Christmas? Socks? Chocolates? Sparkly diamond engagement rings? If you got engaged over the Christmas or New Year period then theres one more thing you really need (apart from our congratulations of course!)

Are you a bride to be, with loads to organise and don’t know where to start?
You need help from The Wedding Insider!

You need a fab book that is guaranteed to help you with all the tricky aspects of planning your wedding, and by total coincidence I just happen to have written a fabulous one just for you!

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback or in kindle/E-book format it includes hints, tips and advice from experts throughout the wedding industry, this book can help you prepare for the wedding of your dreams.

Find out the trade secrets that can get you a discounted gown, the perfect photographer to suit your style or unique entertainment for your reception. Get that amazing make up artist that understands what you want to look like and find the perfect wedding jewellery to suit whatever style of wedding you are having.

From advice about invitations to honeymoon destinations it’s all in here – so take some time out from rushing around, have a glass of wine or a cuppa, put your feet up and start planning your big day!  It’s never to early to start planning, get organised and click on the picture to go to Amazon and purchase now!

P.S I also want to know how he proposed! Was it romantic, a walk in the snow, a drink at a lovely country pub? Did he take you somewhere special as a surprise, an exotic tropical beach holiday or a city break…perhaps Paris ? Did you get the beautiful ring in your Christmas present, was it in your glass of champagne or in the Christmas pudding?! Or were you fed up with waiting and popped the question to him yourself? Oooh if you did do that did you buy your own ring or are you hoping he will take advantage of the Christmas sales and get a bigger diamond for half the price?!

So many questions that we want to know answers too, after all theres nothing like a good proposal story to make everyone with non romantic partners jealous of you!

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