A lot of jewellery designers, particularly in the bridal industry tend to do new collections at set times of the year, whether its one a year, or one for spring/ summer or autumn/winter.

I don’t work this way…and the main reason? well…basically I’m too impatient! When I design a new piece of jewellery I don’t want to wait until a certain time of the year to release it into the wild, I want to get it on the site as soon as possible.

So, after the normal Bridal Designs procedure of making up a test piece and me wearing it to check it’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t get tangled up and sits well, the new design is added to my site as soon as I can.

adore pearl bridal braceletAnother reason is that I design a wide range of different styles of jewellery which wouldn’t sit together in a bigger collection. For example in 2011 we had the eyecatching statement Wildheart, the boho flowery Loves Me! and the classic Adore ranges. All compact collections in their own right but too different to be put together as one.

wildheart crystal bridal necklaceSo, for 2012 you wont have to wait for spring/summer for the newest pieces of jewellery….they’ll be right here on the site as soon as they emerge from the notebook into life!

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