A new marriage, a new home: it’s the beginning of a whole new way of life.  The only problem is that the newly purchased space will be tediously plain or decorated to suit somebody else’s tastes.  Redecorating is a great way to put a personal stamp on it and really get off to a good start.  It’s a chance for newlyweds to discuss their shared passions, get creative together and create a home that is truly their own.

Shabby chic

The shabby chic look can be wonderfully romantic and is ideal for those with a love of old things.  White walls provide that backdrop for blended pastel shades – ice pink, pale lavender and eggshell blue – with lots of antique or distressed finish furniture and wickerwork.  Plain cotton curtains or unpainted wooden shutters can set off windows well, while landscape paintings and faded family photographs dot the walls.  It’s a great setting for a new couple who want to bring together their assorted keepsakes, and browsing antique and second-hand shops together can be great fun.

The modern look

Modern design, conceived in the 1920s and perfected in the ‘60s, is ideal for homes with lots of light and for people who are just starting out, without many possessions.  It’s a style that makes the most of space and bright, clean interiors.  White walls can be offset with brightly coloured or patterned panels or with simple yet dramatic rugs.  Teak-finished woodwork and elegantly designed plastic or leather furniture looks great under spotlights.  Brightly coloured accent chairs, cushions or even shutters, add energy to simply yet dramatically designed rooms.

A country home

For those who want a traditional space in which to relax together, the country home look is ideal – even in the city.  Farmhouse-style furniture and bright, fresh colours is very fashionable at the moment and they can work surprisingly well together.  Leaf patterns and other designs that recall nature are also right on trend and look especially good on cushions or on throws placed across big, comfortable sofas.  Exposed beams and open fireplaces (or electric replicas) are fantastic, but simple things like choosing furniture with curves and adding standing lamps or old clocks can do a lot to help create the look.

Bohemian pleasures

Couples who have a lot of odd bits of furniture they want to put together need a look that can blend them effectively and turn them into something new.  Bohemian fashion is just the thing.  It’s a chance to combine unique colours and finishes in a very personal and exciting way.  Striped walls and sofa sets are popular this year and fit the theme well.  They can be accessorised with cushions in many different colours and textures.  Velvet curtains or brightly coloured shutters fit in well, as do rag rugs and painted wooden furniture.

Creating a unique and personal look for the home can set the tone for the early years of marriage.  There are few better ways to bond than to explore creative passions together.


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