A guest post today from Danielle Croft – would you share the cost of buying your engagement ring?

Whether you’ve given the subject of ‘going Dutch’ and engagement rings much thought or not, it would appear that many other couples have and the results from some recent surveys on the subject make for quite an interesting read – one to share with your partner.

Traditionally, an engagement ring is bought by a man with the intention of surprising his beloved but times have changed and many couples are now going Dutch with both contributing to the purchase of the engagement ring. Opinions are divided on the subject, with some claiming that going Dutch makes more sense financially, whilst others are lamenting the break with tradition and are of the opinion that chivalry is now dead.

So what are your thoughts on the subject? Do you feel as though breaking with tradition is a bad omen as some do, or are you of the other opinion – that times have changed and now that women are often the breadwinners in the relationship they should contribute to the purchase of engagement jewellery?

This is a very interesting topic of conversation at the moment and it’s not only about engagements and tradition either, because it’s also about traditional roles in the modern age and the role of women in modern society. Anyway, regardless of your current opinion on the subject of going Dutch when buying engagement rings, here are the results of a recent survey that you might find interesting.

The cost of an engagement ring – How much should be spent?

When asked the question, ‘How many months’ salary should be spent on an engagement ring?’ women and men actually agreed, well sort of.

35 percent of men and women surveyed thought that one month’s salary was an acceptable amount of money to spend on an engagement ring. That’s about £1,763 based on the national average which would buy quite an impressive wedding ring for most couples, or would it? However, when asked whether six months’ salary or £10,416 was an acceptable amount, 16 percent of women and nine percent of men responded yes.

The purchase of an engagement ring – Trust him to make the right choice?

If you’re of the opinion that men lack the ability to make the right choice when buying engagement rings then there’s a good chance you’re not male.

When asked if they trusted their partner to pick the right engagement ring, 42 percent of women responded negatively, which for some reason simply doesn’t correspond with the opinions of their partners, 66 percent of whom thought that they would be able to pick the right engagement ring.

Diamonds or gemstones? – Who favours tradition?

Another question on the survey concerns the choice between diamond engagement rings and engagement rings boasting a variety of gemstone, like an emerald, ruby or sapphire for example.

The old adage ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ springs to mind here, though that could be because most men (82 percent) believe that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and that is therefore (obviously) what they want as an engagement ring.

Fortunately they’re not too far off the mark here and 72 percent of women surveyed actually do prefer diamonds to gemstones, so men who aren’t about to go Dutch and would still like to surprise their partners might like to take note of this.

Are there further surprises in store for you?

If you’ve found some or any of the results of the survey surprising, then chances are you’ve still a few surprises to look forward to.

When asked ‘If you could change your engagement ring without your partner knowing, would you?’ two out of ten women responded, ‘Yes, I would’. This might not be so surprising, after all some men really do struggle to select an engagement ring their partners fall in love with instantly.

However, one of the real surprises of the survey concerns choosing between allocating money for the engagement ring or the honeymoon – and bear in mind that men aren’t the recipients of the engagement ring – because more women than men surveyed thought that it would better to spend money on the honeymoon than the ring. Perhaps men should be trusted to select and buy the engagement ring after all.


About the Author:

Danielle Croft is a content writer for TheDiamondStore.co.uk. Her particular passions are wedding planning, make-up and fashion. She also enjoys writing short stories and days out in the great British countryside.



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