Another fab guest post from Alexa Thomas for you today about how using the internet can take a lot of stress away from wedding planning!…

I’d always dreamed about how much fun I would have planning a wedding. I imagined myself trying on lavish dresses, touring venues all day, and sampling cute little wedding cake squares with my girlfriends.

Then, I became engaged and realized that wedding planning can be just plain stressful. Sure, parts of it are fun, but a lot of the little details add up to way too much stress.

A friend recommended I turn to technology to help streamline the entire process and reduce stress – as much as possible anyway.

Share Sites, Files, Photos and Updates

“Wedding planning” is secretly an excuse to spend hours online browsing wedding blogs for ideas on dresses, décor and cakes. You’ll want to be able to collect and share these files with your wedding planner, fiancé, mom, bridesmaids or even your future mother-in-law.

Google Docs offers free and flexible online file storage that allows you to create spreadsheets or documents or even slide shows that help you keep everything organized and accessible. If you’re compiling a spreadsheet of possible guests, you can upload it to Google Docs. Users can edit the document directly in Google Docs without having to download it. Once the document is uploaded, you can invite anyone with a Google account to access and edit it. So, your fiancé can update it once he remembers the name and address of his great aunt in Oregon.

Save the time and avoid the hassle of having to constantly meet up or send email attachments to friends, family and organizers. Google Docs is easy to use, even if you’re not too hot for technology. Plus it’s completely free!

Choose a Venue

If you’re not already sure of where you want to get married, choosing a venue can be cumbersome and grueling. You can browse possible venues online to get ideas, set up dates and share with friends and family, especially those who are farther away.

Through the site linked above, you can look through wedding venues by country (includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and the Channel Islands), by city or by type (Barns, Castles, Stately Homes). You can even sort by time of day and season availability.

Touring online allows you to save valuable time and only explore the spots that best fit your needs.

Streamline the Details

Sites like or allow you to take care of a lot of the little wedding details online, all in one place. You can manage a budget, create and update a to-do list, organize a seating plan, ask guests to RSVP online and track the results or even set up your own wedding website.

Having all of this information online and handled by one site makes simultaneously keeping track of little details much easier to do.

Take to the Internet
A friend of mine who was recently married ordered her wedding dress online. I tried to sound excited but secretly thought: You got a wedding dress off the Internet?

As it turns out, her dress was beautiful, fit perfectly, and she got a great deal.

If you’re searching for dress and jewellery ideas, or even planning to make a purchase, sites like offer a wide range of jewellery while other sites allow you to start formulating ideas for which wedding dress is right for your particular body type.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Throughout the entire process, remember that planning a wedding is the first step for starting your new life. Have fun, try to keep things simple and use your resources wisely.

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