Engagement Ring Designs for 2011

Love, romance and weddings are timeless events sealed by offering that once-in-a-lifetime perfect engagement ring. Whether you shop at a local jewelry store or at online sites such as www.bluenile.com and www.whiteflash.com, the stone choices and ring designs are nearly without limit.

The good news is that most brides do not expect the biggest engagement ring in the store. However, they may have strong opinions about the ring they expect to wear for the rest of their lives. If you don’t pick it out together, at least do some subtle detective work to make sure you’re on the right track before you make such an important purchase.

It may seem hard to imagine that diamond engagement rings are subject to popular trends, but in fact, each year presents some new innovative designs as well as the time-honored, classic favorites. The following 2011 styles offer something for every bride’s personal preference and every groom’s pocket book.

1. The classic solitaire, in a 4- or 6-pronged style stands at some height from the finger. This setting draws attention solely to the lovely diamond at center stage. The design can be very subtle and simple, or elaborate and intricate.

2. An appealing variation of the solitaire is a tapered, 4-pronged setting. Simple and elegant, this ring says it all. Solitaires are also available in a lowered setting with a snag-free silhouette that makes every day-wear easy.

3. A third option for the solitaire is the knife-edge setting. Just this slight alteration brings a modern, sophisticated touch to an already endearing engagement ring.

4. Mint vintage diamonds are new, certified, brand-name diamonds that have been set into modern versions of old-school designs. Intricate and interesting details abound, but this engagement ring is also a perfect choice for the woman who wants to wear her rings continuously.

5. Another popular trend in wedding jewelry is the twisting of the metalwork of the setting, particularly where the shank meets the center stone. Delicate, sweet and romantic, these rings will require a matching band, but the overall effect can be breathtaking.

6. Colored diamonds, once considered less desirable, have become more popular as celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and Carmen Electra have proudly flashed their pink, yellow and black versions. Hollywood is definitely part of the trend-setting influence in this country.

7. The floating diamond engagement ring cleverly pulls the metal of the shank up to gently house 6 or 8 round diamonds that appear to float along the setting on either side of the central stone. The overall effect is stunning.

8. Another popular choice for 2011 is the petite cathedral pavé with diamonds set on sides. It has its own feminine appeal, delicacy and elegant presentation.

9. A halo diamond engagement ring may have the center stone and the shanks supported by micro-pavé set diamonds. The split-shank, diamond-encrusted look has become increasingly popular as well. Even a tiny diamond can seem larger when encircled by a halo of smaller beauties.

10. Representing past, present and future, the symbolism of the princess tri-cut pavé set is beautifully demonstrated as two princess side diamonds flank a lovely center stone.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring as a symbol of the precious love you share is a serious decision. Taking a little time to learn about quality diamonds can be helpful. Talk to those you trust, and, most importantly, discover which engagement ring will be perfect in her eyes.

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