Time for another blog post from my resident guest blogger Alexa Thomas,this time (see what I did there?!) about watches at your wedding…..

I’m really into the unconventional.

I enjoy designing my own jewelry, creating works of art and thinking outside of the box when it comes to style.

So, of course, as soon as I got engaged, my mind went straight to how I could make my wedding less than traditional. No offense to tradition, I just like doing my own thing.

My fiancé and I met in London, underneath one of the greatest clocks in the world, Big Ben. We were in the same study abroad trip in college and I asked him to take a picture of a few friends and myself.

I decided it would be fun and unique to wear seiko watches at the wedding, set to the time in the picture – the time when we literally first met.

Why Watches?

Sure, our case for wearing watches is pretty specific and somewhat of an exception. But what about other couples who want to wear them at the wedding either for their own reasons or just because? People (i.e. in-laws) tend to get a little hung up on having weddings be just so-so, having the ceremony fit every traditional standard or having the bride look like something out of a wedding dress catalogue.

If you’re interested in wearing a watch at your wedding, don’t let others stop you! I say: go for it. There are plenty of great styles that would be perfect for your big day.

The Bride’s Watch

When it comes to choosing a watch that complements your gown, chances are you don’t want something too big or chunky or something in a super bright color.

I would suggest a sleek dress watch with a little shine and maybe more weight than your average extra-slim dress watch. After all, you want it to be seen, right?
I stumbled upon a really awesome pearl colored watch at Fossil that absolutely looks made for a bride. It’s elegant but powerful, expensive-looking yet affordable.

Brides also might consider a watch that uses pearl alongside diamonds–another wedding favorite. Seiko has a beautiful diamond watch that also has a mother of pearl dial to combine the best of the both worlds.

If you want to go more casual, like I plan on doing, you might consider a ceramic watch or a boyfriend watch.

The Groom’s Watch

Men’s dress watches are a classic way to add style and class to any outfit, especially for formal wear. A groom wearing a watch at a wedding might not be as unconventional as a bride doing the same, but the right watch can either add to or distract from his outfit

Stainless steel watches are a good way to go for a wedding as opposed to gold. They’re a little more understated, a little less gaudy but still make a strong statement. I really like Citizen dress watches for men. The styles are affordable and versatile and work great if he’s planning to wear a tux.

If you’re going less formal, you might consider a more casual watch. Something with a leather band and a stainless steel front is better for a more laid-back look.

The Right Venue

If you’re thinking about wearing a watch to your wedding, you might consider choosing a venue that will complement the overall feel of your wedding. For instance, my fiancé and I are planning on getting married behind a European-style coffee house set on a little stream, also reminiscent of the study abroad trip where we met, along with the watch theme.

Choose a location that lends to your overall idea and incorporates all the little unconventional quirks you’d like to include!

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