If you see something advertised as being handcrafted what do you think it means?  The dictionary definition of handcrafted is  ‘ made by hand rather than by using a machine ‘ which makes sense, however the term has become a bit of a minefield in the world of wedding accessories.

For example, if you saw a tweet from an accessories designer with a picture showing a headband embellishment resting on a drawing pad with a sketch of the same embellishment underneath what would you think? Probably that the company had designed and made the piece from scratch?   Wrong… the embellishment comes from a wholesale supplier…yes it is handmade, possibly by a poorly paid worker and the only work involved by the ‘designer’ involves fixing it to a band/belt. In my opinion this is misleading the potential customer, yes, it doesnt state ‘we handmade this’ but the drawing gives the impression of a inhouse design.

Handcrafted should mean handcrafted by the designer themselves or should be made clear that it isn’t. All our handcrafted jewellery is designed and made by me, from scratch. Our ready to wear section is clearly marked as not being handcrafted, we supply these pieces for brides wanting to follow current trends at a lesser price than our handcrafted range.

The only way to avoid being misled is to read all descriptions very carefully, if in doubt – ask the company for clarification on their classification of the term ‘handcrafted’  Does it mean made by them?

Just to clarify here there is nothing wrong with mass produced, handmade in India embellishments/sashes/flowers/jewellery ….as long as it’s stated as being just that. It’s your hard earned money you are spending and you deserve to know exactly what you are buying so be careful out there!

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