A guest blog post about Prince Harrys best man speech by Rose Bourke of  www.bestbestmanspeech.com

The Royal Wedding is fading.  Everyone who loves weddings was looking forward to it, and on the day more people than will admit were riveted to the television to watch minute by minute coverage. What they saw, they liked.  Westminster Abbey, the inspired placement of the maple trees, Kate’s elegant dress, the relaxed affection between the bride and groom, and enough pomp and circumstance with carriages and flags and uniformed men on horseback to keep the traditionalists happy.

What we didn’t see was what happened next at the three receptions – and we were, naturally, especially curious about the evening reception for a select group of 300 family and friends.  One source of speculation was how Harry would manage the best man speech.  His taste is not always reliable, and he has made a few slip-ups over the years. But on this occasion, it sounds as though Harry did a great job.

What we hear of the speech is that it touched all the right notes.  Harry apparently referred to the couple as ‘the Dude and the Duchess’, affectionately mocked his brother for his thinning hair, talked of his delight in acquiring a sister, and said how proud Princess Diana would have been of William.

It is rumoured he was going to comment on Kate’s gorgeous legs, then decided not to.  Wise move, Harry.  No-one wants a brother-in-law detailing the physical attractions of his new sister-in-law.  That would make people feel a little peaky.

Reports were that the speech was very funny, as well as being very sincere and thoughtful.  People laughed, but they were also touched.  That’s what you want from a best man speech.

So hip hip hooray for Harry!  He was the best best man for his brother!


Rose Bourke works for www.bestbestmanspeech.com

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