I’m sure when this couple were planning their wedding¬† having an owl swooping gracefully down the aisle bearing their rings seemed like a pretty good idea.

The plan was for the owl to be let out at the end of the aisle and fly down to meet his handler and the happy couple at the other end wearing the rings attached to a red ribbon.  Unfortunately Darcey the owl had other ideas, obviously the pressure was too much and it decided to fly up into the rafters and promptly fall asleep for an hour with the ribbon and rings still attached to its feet.

No amount of coaxing woke Darcey up and the vicar ended up conducting the ceremony with replacement temporary wedding rings.

The bride and groom had left the church by the time the owl was persuaded to come down, the Vicar said ‘ The chaps were there for probably an hour, and in the end had to get a long ladder to go up and get it down.


Well, they certainly had a memorable day, even if it wasn’t quite what they had planned!


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