Wedding favours can be a bit of a minefield and can cost an absolute fortune. Why go for the traditional but boring sugared almonds when you can get something your guests will actually appreciate and not leave behind on the table at the end of the reception?

A great idea for alternative wedding favours are minature bottles of spirits or wine, nice as they are but why not make them more special by getting them personalised with your name and wedding date?


If you don’t like the idea of alcohol then another fab idea is miniature bottles of perfume for your female guests and aftershave for your male guests. You could buy a few each of various different scents so your guests can swap with each other if they get one they aren’t keen on.

Finally you could try mini jars of jam or marmalade, no, they wont last for long but your guests will think of you the morning after the wedding when they are having their toast!


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