Although not your first priority (the dress and the venue come first of course), wedding invitations are just as important as your flowers or your choice of cake, or even the wedding breakfast starter. Why? Because wedding stationery is the first glimpse of the style, theme, look or feel of your wedding that your guests will get to savour. Your invitation lays the groundwork for your big day to come, and can often leave a clue about what your day will entail.

For themed weddings, it’s a great idea to keep your invitations in keeping with the look and feel of your day and the right wedding stationery could leave your guests excited and desperate to know more. For non themed weddings or the more simple wedding, choosing the right design of your invitations can be tricky. Do you go for sleek and modern? Timeless and elegant? Simple and understated?

If you haven’t decided on the style of your invitations yet, here are some great ideas to get you started!

1.       Classic card invitation – this is a classic look for invitations, ideal for traditional weddings or simple weddings with a no-fuss policy. If you like things nice and simple or you want something that looks timeless, choose a classic design. Visit for a full range of invitation styles.

2.       Pocketfold invitations – these invitations are truly elegant and if you want to add a touch of luxury and grandeur, you can finish by tying together with a coloured ribbon. Choosing a coloured ribbon is also great if you have a colour theme.

3.       Vintage invitations – if you love the look of vintage elegance or you’re planning on adding a little boho chic to your big day, vintage wedding invitations are a very stylish option. Vintage themed weddings have been a hot trend over the last few years so if your trends appreciate fashion/design trends, vintage invitations could be a cute and adorable way of showing them what you’ve got planned on your special evening.

4.       Adorned wedding invitations – if your wedding day is going to full of lavishness and luxury, choose a wedding invitation with a little hint of bling. Something simple with a Swarovski gem or a one page invite with a touch of pearl can be the perfect hint that your big day is going to be grand and full of luxury.

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