Being self employed has its benefits- no-one to boss you around, you decide when your tea breaks are and travelling to work takes 30 seconds. It also has disadvantages, no-one to tell you to stop working so spending all evening on the computer, no-one to make tea on the tea breaks and no-one to talk to except yourself (which makes you look a bit loony) So, to solve this I have taken on two members of staff…unfortunately they can’t make tea or tell the time…but they are good at making me take a break to take them for a walk…here they are –

the bridal designs dogsThese are the Bridal Designs dogs …Rosie and Misty (Misty is the smaller one) , at the moment they don’t really do much work but in the near future they will be helping out with a new venture for Bridal designs …all will be revealed soon but in the meantime heres a vid of them on their day off at their favourite place –

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