I was looking for businesses to guest blog for me so I put a shout out on Twitter…along with the usual stationers and photographers I had a tweet from Kevin Woodward who is a Llama breeder, did I want to feature him on the blog? Well, I told him, if you can find a connection between Llamas and weddings then of course I will…. ten minutes later he tweets me a link to this…

Photo from http://www.bluecapsllamas.co.uk/llamas.htm

These aren’t his Llamas but he assures me that his would be available to be your wedding attendants…although they may need a bath first as they get a bit muddy. So if you’re interested give Kevin a shout on Twitter (@llamakevin) or have a look at his website here – http://www.ashwoodllamas.co.uk/    And make sure you let me know…I’d love to see the photos!

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