A guest post today by the super talented Andrew Geoghegan-designer of the most beautiful rings I have seen for a good long while! over to Andrew….


The title of this blog, and Ringy, were nicknames given to me by my friends and I am sure you will understand why I prefer the former. Just as the chair has become the apotheosis for furniture design, so the ring for jewellery. And this is one reason why I am drawn to ring designing, another is my ‘engineering’ brain enjoys the challenge of creating form with function. I love the quest to reinvent the ring or create innovative stone settings. My fascination with stone setting started over 16 years ago at University and has been prevalent in my work ever since. One of my latest pieces, the Satellite, has traditional methods of stone setting but an innovative arrangement within the piece. Called Satellite because of the smaller diamond orbiting the larger Fire Opal.


Satellite Fire Opal Cocktail Ring

Our most popular piece, the Reveal, possesses a wonderful floating brilliant cut stone against a backdrop of impossibly set pavé diamonds. My aim with my work is create intrigue as to how they are created as well as create a beautiful aesthetic and contrast at times. Even though most jewellers will tell you that everything has been done before, I disagree. There are still innovations to be captured and minds to inspire. Designer engagement rings and cocktail rings are my forte and I welcome you to see if they stimulate your senses!


Reveal Ring


Thankyou to Andrew for sharing his beautiful designs, check out some more at his website  http://www.andrewgeoghegan.com/


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