The old adage the diamonds are a girl’s best friend is, for all intents and purposes, true. Diamonds have captivated the interest of jewelry shoppers for centuries, and for good reason. Most people who are familiar with shopping for diamonds are aware of the four C’s that determine a stones quality: cut, clarity, carat, and color. But there’s another feature of the diamond that is also important, but receives comparably little attention. The shape of the diamond, which is different than the cut, is also important to consider when you’re picking out a diamond ring for you or someone else. Below is a brief description of the Marquis cut diamond, one of the most popular diamond ring shapes, and a guide to deciding whether or not this cut is right for you.

Marquise diamond

The Marquis


The Marquis diamond is perhaps one of the most elegant shapes of all those available. With its elongated shape and petite points at either end, it is very vintage and appearance and often brings to mind old Hollywood glamour. But just like anything else, the Marquis shape has pros and cons depending on who will be wearing the ring.


The Pros

 • Elegance – The Marquis shape is very elegant and refined, which is certainly a positive aspects of the shape.

Elongates the Finger – Because of its oblong shape and petite points, the Marquis shape tends to have an elongating effect on the finger, which some find to be a plus for this shape.

Goes with Anything – Another common complement given to the Marquis shape diamond is that it goes with virtually anything, so no matter what you wear the diamond will not look awkward.

Timeless – The Marquis shape is absolutely timeless and classic, and it is certain to never go out of style.

Petite – The Marquis cut is also quite petite, so even a larger carat it doesn’t overtake the hand.


The Cons


Hard to Protect the Tips – The tips of the Marquis cut are quite vulnerable and often require large tip covers, which can throw off the look of the ring in the eyes of some. Since the tips of the Marquis shape are so petite and precise, it is hard to protect them, and some see this as a downside to the Marquis shape.

Can Be Sharp – If you deal with delicate fabric, children, pets, or those with sensitive skin on a regular basis, the Marquis cut can be a bit precarious. While the tips of the ring are covered with metal, depending on the metal your ring is made of (most are made with precious metals), it can still be sharp if it brushes against the skin of a child or a pet, and can often snag delicate fabric.

Easily Damaged If Heavy Use of Hands – If you use your hands quite frequently doing hard jobs like heavy cleaning, gardening, and the like, the tips of the Marquis shape can become damaged.

Who Should Wear the Marquis?


Those who love an elegant and timeless look.

Those who would like to elongate the look of their hand or fingers.

Individuals who prefer diamond rings that can carry a high carat without being overly large.

Those who do not work frequently with their hands doing jobs like heavy cleaning, gardening, and the like.

Those who don’t often wear delicate fabrics, deal with children, or have pets.




Where to Find Marquis Cut Diamonds


If you’ve determined that a Marquis cut diamond is right for you, it is easy to find this shape in online jewelry stores around the world.

In order to find Marquis diamond ring that is suitable for your style and meets the quality standards you desire, you should definitely do some research first and make sure that the online shop you choose has a good reputation, such as the Australian one we mentioned above.


Regardless of the carat you choose, a Marquis cut diamond can provide you with timeless beauty and class for years to come. In fact, Marquis shape diamonds are wonderful heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation, and they make a wonderful choice for engagement rings, as well, as they pair well with most bands.

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