Being naturally nosy about other peoples weddings I decided to ask my followers on Twitter to give me their most memorable wedding memories. The only catch was they had to do it in just one Tweet (140 characters)

Thanks to everyone who took part, here are your moments!


@makemydayuk   Doing ‘the boat race’ dance (aka Oop-up-side-your-head) in a wedding dress with half-cathedral length train. Interesting!


@DollyMillinery  Forgetting my husbands shirt,making table displays with friends,how easy it was to say my vows, how hard the first dance was.


@fionakellyphoto   Nervous laughter through vows, hubby looking very serious, searing vegas heat during photos, surrounded by friends & family


@TheWeddingMuse  My dog, in the church, growling when the vicar asked if anyone knew any reason to object. Made everyone laugh!



Els the dogs starring moment captured for ever by Aliza Werner Photography



@bigmim  When exchanging rings, my “almost husband” pulled a curtain ring from his pocket to put on my finger instead of wedding ring!


@ChicUniqueUK   Getting married start to finish in 3 weeks with no cash


@angelicdelight  My very first memory in this world was  a punchup at a wedding but I doubt that’s what you’re looking  for!


@turnhamweddings  My husbands speech. He has the whole room in tears. It was very moving and still brings a tear to my eye.


@sparrowprimitiv  Flowers got destroyed by scorching wind. Spent day of wedding picking flowers from neighbours gardens 4 church & reception!


@Jo_Bro  When the best man told EVERYONE in his speech (despite being sworn to secrecy) about the manicure I made my groom get 🙂 🙂


@AmyKateSeppman   We had a cheapie in the registry office, which my mother paid for because my husband forgot his wallet ha ha.


Thankyou all for your memories…I’d love to do another post like this so email me with your memorable moments on ( if it’s going to take more than 140 characters!)  or Tweet me @bridaldesigns

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