If you are planning your wedding at the moment, you will have noticed the massive amount of vintage style accessories in bridal boutiques and magazines. Vintage has been THE huge trend in weddings for the last couple of years and doesn’t show any sign of going away anytime soon.

However, it has diffused into two different versions of itself: firstly, the boho vintage look as worn by Kate Moss at her wedding – all soft focus lace, pastel colours and relaxed styling, and secondly, the glamorous vintage Hollywood look, channelling such stars as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, but adding a modern edge to bring it right up to date.

It’s this grown up glam look that is the star of our feature today. It is easy to achieve, timelessly beautiful and classic; you can add just a touch, or go for full-on star quality.

Audrey Hepburn famously wore a multi-row pearl necklace in her best known film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Get the look with a beautiful pearl choker. Wear it high on the neckline with your hair up, or as a longer length necklace to fill a bare décolletage on a lower cut gown.

Pearl bridal choker

Audrey accessorised with a small tiara at front centre of her updo; you could add a more contemporary look with a side tiara or even a sparkling hair clip just above the base of your neck to add interest for guests watching the back of your head during the ceremony.

vintage starlet crystal hair comb

Elizabeth Taylor was probably better known for her jewellery than anything else (apart from her acting or her many husbands, of course). She favoured diamonds which is great if you can afford them…or have lots of men to buy them for you, but for those of us with just one husband-to-be, crystal or diamante are great alternatives.

Choose a statement necklace and wear it with matching earrings for a classic silver screen goddess look. This is probably best teamed with a slinky fitted gown – a huge dress teamed with big jewellery can look a bit 1980’s, which isn’t the vintage era we are aiming for here!

statement bridal necklace

For a more subtle and modern version of this style, forget the necklace and invest in a fabulous pair of chandelier or drop earrings. This is a great way to add sparkle for brides that don’t feel comfortable with a complete set of jewellery, and prefer to concentrate on one piece.

If you don’t feel you’d be happy wearing large earrings on your big day, then drop subtle hints for a gift of a pair of diamond studs and team these with a beautiful eye catching bracelet. This adds interest to the centre area of your gown, especially whilst walking up the aisle carrying your bouquet, and can be more comfortable to wear than a heavy necklace.

adore bridal braceletJust remember, as the bride, you are the leading lady of the day, and you will look more beautiful than any starlet in whatever style of jewellery you choose to wear.


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