A guest post today from Alexa Thomason…thinking beyond the traditional…

    Nontraditional Engagement Ring Styles

We’re not all drones. We’re not all carbon copies. We’re not all the same.
So, remind me again why every girl that gets engaged runs around sporting the same huge diamond and raving over a ring that looks identical to one I saw 16 minutes ago?
Engagement rings can say a lot about who you are as a person, what you value and what types of gifts your fiancé plans on buying you for the rest of your lives.
If you’re on the same page as me, you’ll need no persuasion to start thinking about a nontraditional engagement ring—or, better said, an engagement ring with character.
If you’re dead set on a sparkly diamond, then hold the phone before telling your fiancé’s best friend to tell him to spring for the biggest rock in the jewelry store.

    Thinking Outside the Diamond

There are plenty of other rocks on the market besides diamonds. You could go with sapphire, an emerald, a citrine, a moonstone or your birthstone.
Also, the trend with men’s style watches for women is original and fresh. Why not shop the men’s section for an engagement ring? A simple, elegant band would be a subtle statement and great for someone who has an active lifestyle.
Jewelers are becoming hip to the not-so-traditional trend. Many stores now carry quirkier styles, different color stones and great alternatives to the standard.

    Sentimental Antiques

Maybe your fiancé’s great-grandma has a rare ring from the early 1900’s. Or maybe his favorite aunt received a beautiful emerald from her late husband and passed it on to him to give to his bride-to-be. Whatever the case, choosing a ring that has sentimental value over monetary worth could be a great way to go and inspire touching stories at cocktail parties.
Whichever nontraditional route you decide to take, make sure to keep your fiancé in the loop. Communication is key to any relationship, especially marriage, and starting off on the right foot, with the right ring is the perfect way to begin a lifetime of happiness.

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