Think of wedding gifts and what springs to mind?¬† Toasters? Vases? ….what about Towel Bales? The latter are a very popular and traditional gift, probably because they are used in every household, a much safer bet than a painting or ornament that might be disliked and hidden in a cupboard and only brought out when the giftgiver visits. I have found you a choice of two sets of towels from my favourite needle wielding genius – Sarah from Silver Birch Crafts (who also makes the most fab handbags btw!)

For the ‘proper’ traditional Towel bale how about these? This towel bale includes 2 Facecloths, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Bath Towels and is personalised with either the couples names, Mr and Mrs or His and Hers. Alternatively what about His and His or Hers and Hers for a civil partnertship?

Alternatively for a more funky option there are these beautiful Indulgence cakes, available in a choice of Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Swirl or Raspberry  *drools in manner of Homer Simpson* This cake comprises of (in the chocolate fudge version)

2 Bath Towels
2 Hand Towels
2 Face cloths
1 Bottle of Bath Bubbly
1 Choc Around The Clock Bath Brulee
1 Vanilla Massage Bar
1 Goodnight Honey Bath Bomb
1 Gingerbread Candle

Hope these have given you some ideas for your next wedding present! You can find Sarahs gorgeous work at

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