Picking the perfect wedding venue: GreekIsland guide

All of the Greek islands are blessed with large amounts of sunshine and we love to take advantage of that! So many Brits like to head abroad, especially when it comes to their big day. Greece has that amazing weather prefect for weddings as well as some of the most historic and picturesque venues. Tucked away beaches, ancient monasteries, thousand year old seafront taverns and a plethora of churches and chapels provide the rich history. What more could you ask for!

We know planning a wedding is tough work, and whilst there are tools out there to aid you (definitely check out http://www.weddingsite.co.uk/ for any help) with aspects such as the locations, you can use your imagination transforming thoughts into reality.

If you’re flirting with the idea of Greece in particular for your wedding day but don’t have a clue where to head (there are 6,000 islands in total to be precise) then check out some of these options:


Skiathos is a small paradise on the Aegean Sea close to the Greek coast. It is a green island of pine trees, olive groves and other Mediterranean produce, famous for its boatyards and past as a shipbuilding port. You can enjoy these sea front options for your wedding reception and an absolutely stunning feast post ceremony.

For such a tiny spot, it is covered in beaches with beautiful white sand, some of which can be reached only by boat, allowing you absolute privacy should you wish a romantic beach getaway.





Rhodes is the other end of the island spectrum, one of the largest and most steeped in history. As a World Heritage site it is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Colossus of Rhodes. Rhodes has been populated for the last 6000 years and has been a rich crossroads of the ancient world, providing many unique settings for a modern wedding. Rhodes has a large number of historic chapels and churches for your weddings as well as beaches, springs, taverns and bays for a memorable wedding reception.




Zante is the spot for an outdoor and sandy beach wedding. Zante is historically the Greek island of song and is filled with monasteries. It is also one of the most biologically diverse as it gets good winter rainfall, allowing for a wide range of animals and plants and is an internationally famed home for Loggerhead Turtles. It also has its own small island for an extra special and private wedding and Zante offers Catholic, Baptist and Orthodox ceremonies.




An alternative to the Aegean and Ionian islands but sharing the same almost year round sunshine and long history, is Cyprus. Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love. Cyprus is a favourite spot for British couples because English is widely spoken. Cyprus has a large number of resorts, providing entertainment and diversion for your wedding guests and is one of the most economical of venues for British couples.




An alternative wedding venue for the daring is the sea cave at Melissani Lake in Kefalonia allowing you to get married on a boat, sailing between thousand year old rock walls lit blue by the sea.

Melisanni Lake



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