Time management when approaching a wedding can be one of the trickiest processes you ever go through. When you’re about to get married, you already have a lot on your mind in terms of emotion. Then, you find yourself suddenly facing a constant onslaught of tough decisions and logistical issues! It can all get very overwhelming, very quickly.

However, it’s still important to devote the proper time to certain important decisions. With that said, here are a few important details that often get somewhat overlooked during the planning process.

Organizing Seating

When it comes to guests, many couples stop stressing once they finalize the invite list. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a little bit more work to do. Organizing a seating organization for tables at the wedding reception is an important step in wedding planning, and there’s no one who can do it more appropriately than the bride and groom.

Choosing A Cake

Everyone knows the cake is important, but what many don’t recognize until they’re actually in the act of choosing one is that the selection process can be difficult. Whether you’re browsing Marks and Spencer online, or looking through local bakeries, it’s very tough to find a cake that looks and tastes exactly how you like, and fits your budget! Start the process early to avoid a stressful situation.

Picking Wedding Accessories

Your suit and dress will be at the forefront of your decision-making. But what about accessories? For grooms, picking out the right shoes, tie, and even wristwatch is all very important, and for brides it’s great to choose a few beautiful pieces of jewellery to compliment the wedding and engagement rings. Give some advanced thought to these accessories as you plan your outfits.

Delegating Responsibilities

This is perhaps the most important reminder for couples planning their own weddings. While you’ll want a say in every last detail of the wedding, it’s still extremely important to delegate responsibilities. This may mean asking friends to help (they’re usually quite eager to do so!), getting help from families, or even hiring a service or coordinator for your wedding. Whatever the case, don’t take it all on alone!

Choosing Thank You Gifts

It’s generally traditional to give a few gifts to certain people involved in your wedding. Whether that means the bride and groom giving thank you gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively, or even giving a little something to your parents, try to remember this step in advance. That way you can figure out some truly special gifts.

Instructing A Photographer

Finally, you may also want to take some time to figure out instructions for your photographer. There’s a tendency to trust professional photographers blindly, and while the quality of their pictures will likely be fantastic, it’s still important to make sure they capture the moments you want captured! A bit of instruction is perfectly appropriate.

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