This is a new feature for our blog, each week we will be showcasing a single product from our shop and giving you a insight into why we stock it and who’s buying it!

I was going to start with a piece of jewellery but couldn’t decide on one so instead thought I’d share a product that has been suprisingly popular recently – the dog bow tie! A lot of brides and grooms now want their four legged best friend to take part in their big day, so why not have him looking his best? That’s where this product comes wedding bow tieThis is one of my own dogs, Rosie, modelling the bow tie for us and looking quite unimpressed at being asked to wear mens clothes, doesn’t she look fab though?

We have sold a lot of these bow ties recently including one to the owner of a Jack Russell called Mr Pickle (the dog not the owner!). Mr Pickle was entering a dog show the following week and  needed to look his furry best. A few weeks later I had a lovely email from his owner….Mr Pickle had won his category of  ‘Most handsome dog’ with a judge commenting that he had won because he was the only entrant that was properly dressed!  Below is a pic of him in his bow tie…and one of him with his rosette. Now I can’t guarantee that purchasing a bow tie for your dog will help him win contests but I can guarantee it will make him one of the best dressed at your wedding!

Mr Pickle with his winners rosetteWant one for your dog? Find the bow ties and other doggie accessories here..

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