Late last night my mobile rang with a number I didn’t recognise flashing up. Thinking it may be an emergency of some sort I decided to answer it. On the other end of the line was a slightly panicky guy apologising for the late call, he was looking for a Christmas present for his girlfriend (I’m resisting the urge to make sexist comments about men leaving shopping until the last minute…)

He had a design idea in his head for a pair of earrings for her but as is often the case you can never find exactly what you are looking for. He asked me if I could possibly help him bring his idea to life….of course I’d give it a go!

After an hour on the phone and emails rushing back and forth we managed to work together to design a pair of earrings that hopefully she will love. (I won’t post a photo until after Christmas just in case she reads this!)

What a lovely guy though, to not just rush out on Christmas Eve and grab whatever is left in the garage/pound shop but to actually take time to think what would suit his girlfriend and go all out to get it specially made for her..

Me…jealous?……course not…..

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