Make your own romantic newlyweds’ bedroom


Wedding season is back around once again and those of us lucky enough to have found our life partners have a lot of things to plan, from finding the perfect wedding day jewellery to making sure the honeymoon goes off without a hitch.

While all our thoughts might be going into the big day itself, have you stopped to consider what things will be like when you come back to reality? If you want to make sure that your married life starts off on a good note, a great bedroom is a good place to start. Here are a few tips on how to make your own romantic newlyweds’ bedroom.

It all starts with a bed

The ultimate romantic centrepiece for any newlyweds’ bedroom is the bed. You might be less of a traditional couple and have lived together before, but you can always try and re-create tradition by making out as if it’s the first time you’ve slept in the same room before. A perfect way to start this off is by investing in your own kingsize bed. Consider asking wedding guests for vouchers or even to club together to get your first marital bed – if you’re stuck for ideas, Bedstar have a great choice of beds that will suit couples of all tastes.

Keep your bedroom a bedroom

We all remember that awkward moment in the second Sex and the City movie when Big brought home a television for Carrie. It certainly wasn’t what she was expecting and it absolutely was not romantic. Too often in our modern world of gadgets and social media do we bring the technology into the bedroom – it is an area of relaxation and sleep, not an office! If you really just want intimacy with your partner, ditch the television, put the mobile phones down and make use of a fireplace instead.

Make your bedroom a reflection of you as a couple

People often associate ‘romantic’ bedrooms with feminine, rose-petal covered décor. This does not have to be true however – if you really want to make your newlyweds’ bedroom both romantic and personal to you, then make sure it’s got an even blend of both you and your partner. This doesn’t mean creating a dividing line down the room to put aftershave on one side and perfume on the other – you can simply mix up each other’s books and CDs, or adorn the walls with photos of your favourite memories. Nothing says romantic like reminding each other of your favourite times, so embrace each other’s belongings and make your newlywed bedroom your own.

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