Today I have a guest post from the lovely Kara from Never Say Never Boutique about the Prince’s Trust.

As a 19 year old that had just left college & moved to Yorkshire there weren’t many jobs available. I looked into going through The Prince’s Trust Programme to set up my own business. I started with the Prince’s Trust in 2010. You have to do a four day course that covers how to run your business, the accounts, HMRC & how to do your business plan, once you have done this course you have a helper that guides you through and gives you advice about your Business Plan & Cash flow. Once the helper is happy with your business plan & cash flow and feels that your are ready to go to the panel, they will set a date. The Panel is where you have three people that ask you question about your business and they decide whether The Prince’s trust will fund your business. You do get a mentor that helps you with your business after you have been to the panel. (just to interrupt-I’ve had a message from Kara telling me that she is to see the panel on March 17th -good luck Kara!)

The Prince’s Trust is designed to help young people like me to set up a business. I wanted to set up my own business because I enjoy the fashion industry and there aren’t many jobs available in the retail industry. Many young people that are leaving school without the grades they need to get into uni and are finding it hard to get a job, this would be a great opportunity for them to do something good with their life’s. This has been a great experience & opportunity for me.


Never Say Never Boutique

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