After seeing this picture on Twitter I had to find out the story ‘behind’ it! (sorry)


crystal embellished boxers

So I asked Lisa from Ribbons and Tulle who is responsible for this how she came to be making sparkly pants. She is normally to be found making beautiful wedding stationery and also makes crystal embellished clothing but usually t shirts and hoodies.

She was contacted by Andrew and Rob from Creatiques who asked her if she was able to make two pairs of black boxers sporting the wedding ideas awards logo, they had been nominated as best retailer and were both wearing kilts! They also sent her the waistcoat on which they wanted black crystals on the lapels and tops of the pockets, 2 days later and just over 4,000 2mm crystals used she finally finished it and I think you’d agree looking at the photo below it looked amazing!

crystal waistcoat

So there you go, hope the pics have brightened your day, and now you know where to go for sparkly pants!


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