You may be wondering why Sterling silver is a popular choice for wedding jewellery. Why not gold? Why not platinum? You may even scoff at the thought that silver can be as precious as gold. Yes the price per ounce is so much lower than platinum and gold, but don’t be so quick to judge. Gold once carried a low value and it is only because in recent years that the demand has grown enough for the price to spike to the high levels you see today.  Some experts are now saying that the demand for silver is increasing as an affordable alternative to gold in these tough economic times, and that if it continues to rise we could see sterling silver selling for record high prices in the future.
Silver has such a complimentary colour that can enhance the stones and gems in its setting rather than overpower them. As most bridal gowns are white, ivory or shades of cream, silver sits very well with these colours rather than gold. The popularity of platinum wedding rings in recent years means that having silver wedding jewellery will only help to coordinate your overall look rather than clash with a mixture of silver and gold.  Most people really cannot tell the difference between Sterling silver and platinum, so if you want to get the platinum look without the huge price tag, then go with Sterling silver all the way.
Check out our beautiful range of Sterling silver jewellery sets for you and your bridesmaids. You will find some wonderful designs which are stunning and a joy to wear and look at.

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