As it’s a leap year and women are officially ‘allowed’ to propose today, I thought I’d share with you the story of a proposal that didn’t quite go as planned……this is Sarahs story –
I first met Joel at Reading Festival when I was 17. After a weekend romance, mud, heavy metal and mosh pits we decided to stay in touch. There was 200 miles between us but phone calls, texts, MSN and regular visits kept us together. Six years I moved to Devon and we bought ourselves a nice little bungalow close to the beach. One evening I received a phonecall from my sister, she has been with her boyfriend for around a year and had just come back from a holiday an India, she had got engaged, on an elephant! I did not take this news very well and the green eyed monster appeared.
Every special occasion for years I thought, hoped and wished Joel would propose, but no nothing, and now my sister was engaged!!! I decided to take matters into my own hands! If he wasnt going to propose then I would, the following year was a leap year and I could propose! Along with my Mum and sister we started plotting together a plan. I decided I had to give him something, something he would love, something he would enjoy and treasure forever, it had to be a surfboard! I was going to buy him a brand new Al Merrick board and write ‘Marry Me’ onto the deck. I was going to give it to Joel after cooking him a special dinner and just HOPE he’d say yes! Mind you he wouldn’t say no, he’d want the surfboard!
However, this day never came, on Christmas day Joel went down on one knee during a walk along the beach. Later that day I told him about my plan and he was really upset he missed out on getting a surfboard! I on the other hand was thrilled, I had a sparkley ring, I didnt have to buy a surfboard and the wedding planning could begin!
Well the plans went well because these are pics of Sarah and Joels wedding….

                                                                                  mini wedding car

Sarah and Joel

Sarah and Joel

And this is Sarahs new business, check it out for some fabulous cards!

curly craft

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