A wedding day is considered to be the most important day for many couples and for the bride-to-be every small detail is important, including the wall and table décor. The choices of table centrepieces on the market are vast. Some choose to consult a store that specialises in wedding decorations where others choose to put their own together.
Creating your own table centrepieces is often the most affordable choice. Not only this, it is also unique and will bring your own personality to the room.
Here are some great table centrepiece ideas:

Candle Collection
A candle collection centrepiece is a fantastic way to create a warm and close atmosphere, particularly a great centrepiece for winter weddings. A candle collection centrepiece is relatively easy to put together and will save you a considerable amount of money.
Place a large round mirror at the centre of your table and place a collection of your favourite candles on top, choose candles of different sizes, use some tealight holders if you prefer. If you go for square, stick with square different shapes may look odd.
Candle collection centrepieces are also a great way to add colour and fragrance to your room. Choose colours in line with the theme of your wedding and if you choose to have fragranced candles ensure that just one on each table is fragranced; this will ensure the fragrance isn’t too harsh for guests. Finish off by sprinkling glass beads over the surrounding mirror. The mirrored base will reflect the glow from the candles creating glowing centrepieces.

Silver Centrepieces
Silver glass lanterns will add a chic elegant feel to your wedding room. Place two or three of different sizes in the centre of your table and fill with flowers, this will create a wow factor to your room because it varies from the average flower centrepiece. A large lantern is great for adding height when displayed with other silver glass pieces.  A silver pumpkin tealight holder will look fabulous at the centre of the table. This decoration will be lovely on its own as a centrepiece or clustered together with other silver items.

Fairy Lights
Some may think that fairy lights can look odd to be used as table centrepieces but when darkness falls, crystal garland fairy lights will look amazing.  They will create a romantic and cosy atmosphere, perfect for your wedding. Choose fairy lights adorned with clear sparkling crystal gems and beads. Crystal fairy lights will look great in the centre of your table, or alternatively you can place them around your buffet table.
Often affordable items to create a wedding centrepiece are hard to come by. Shop around online in search of wedding gifts and you’ll be sure to come by some beautiful affordable items you can use for table centrepieces. Use your imagination and try things out before buying in bulk. DIY centrepieces are a great way to add your personality to your reception hall.

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