Today I am pleased to share with you this fab post from Emma-Jane Photography, an insight into the world of the wedding photographer!


Photo by Emma-Jane Photography


The perfect wedding day…
Once the dress is sorted, the shoes, hair, makeup, venue, guests, food…. possibly a groom! 😉 then one of the main ingredients is the photographer… this is where I step in.
Being a wedding photographer is about capturing that moment that you hope the bride and groom will remember for the rest of their lives… and live happily ever after.. Or so I have read in fairy tales.
The reality for a wedding photographer can be a lot different and quite hectic. Overran with consultations, possibly seemingly endless phone conversations with the bride if she is nervous or unsure of her needs. Then depending on the wedding package it can be a full day’s work starting with getting ready shots and sometimes finishing with the happy couple leaving on their honey moon. Once after the day is over it can be a good few days or post production work on the images and making sure the wedding albums meet clients needs can be stressful in itself. HOWEVER once you know that these images are captured, the albums are gratefully received and you happily move onto the next married couple to be then that is when you know when it has all been worthwhile. And that you actually are a decent photographer. That and obviously the pay check helps too 🙂

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