It’s time for a guest blogger today and it’s the turn of the lovely Lynsey from You Say I Make, designer and maker of utterly gorgeous invitations (see some examples of her beautiful work at the end of the post), here’s her take on the importance of letting your invites do the talking! Over to Lynsey…

In life most of us will go through the same life experiences, including your Wedding Day, but what makes an experience special is the unique stamp that you put on that occasion.
Everyone knows a Wedding Day is THE most important event in a girls life calendar, but what can you do to set it apart from everyone else’s big day….
Well, I believe the answer lies in your Wedding stationary, this is the first communication with your guests and your first opportunity to get that stamper out! First impressions are everything and what’s more, it sets the tone for the rest of the occasion too.
By putting your own stamp on your invites this tells your guests “look at me, the real me, I’d love for you to be part of my Wedding day”. Yes Weddings are most definitely about your inner Princess, but your guests love you and will want to be there with you. Forget the traditional and live a little, this is the starting point on your path to happily Married life after all!
I LOVE, love, love original brides, those that say “hang on I don’t even like pink….my favourite colour is green” and that’s where I come in! Of course I make sure all the important info is on the invites (date, times, venue etcetera etcetera) but a hugely important part of my communication with a bride (and her husband-to-be) rests in these 2 simple questions:
1. What would you love to see on your invites?
And often more insightful…
2. What would you hate to see on your invites?
As you can imagine, it’s far easier to list the dislikes and let these spark the likes! This is the part of my job that I really love – getting to the nitty-gritty of what YOU want rather than what you SHOULD have.
This is a key philosophy at – You say what you want (from save the dates and invitations to place names, seating plans and more!) and I make….with lots of advice, virtual hugs and You’ness along the way :o)

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

– Dr. Seuss


Chief Maker

Huckleberry Save the date (front)

Huckleberry Save the date (back)

'Font Art' Invitation

Swan Lake invitation (front)

Swan Lake invitation (back)

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