A guest post today by Alison from Isabella George, a company who make beautiful memory books,  gifts and cards – over to Alison…..

A little bit about me: I have started my business – Isabella George – handmade cards and gifts with a difference on the 1st of March this year after 12 years in the world of Banking and Finance, I know, an absolute massive change of direction but it’s the best thing I have ever done. I’ve always been a bit creative but I can’t draw a thing so I never persued my creative streak, always thinking if I can’t draw it’s a non starter, I even struggle with matchstick men but I’ve always been a visionary, an idea pops into my head – always the finished article and then I work backwards in the sense of that’s what it looks like, how do I create it.

The name Isabella George comes from my two children, the most precious things in the world to me (and often the most challenging to). My style is sophisticated elegance and vintage glamour and this comes across in my range of products.

I wanted to bring something different to the card and gift market, something fresh and exciting, something that wasn’t readily available and not mass produced. I came up with the idea of Handmade Inspirational Memory Books after seeing a programme about scrapbooking. I loved the thought of scrapbooking but it meant I would be relient on customers providing the required photo’s within the timescales and as we all know we live in a busy world and I thought this would be flawed with constant chase up calls and reminders and the thought of putting pressure on people to meet deadlines wasn’t what I wanted, as people have enough of this in their everyday lives.

This led me to design the Inspirational Memory Books, they are matched to the occasion, everyone is handmade by myself and there are discreet pockets in them which allows me to place hand stamped tags in there. The tags are stamped with beautiful inspirational sentiments and on the back there is room for a hand written message. The pockets also allow anyone to place photographs in there or theatre, movie, concert, holiday tickets etc. There are also lose photo mats in some of them which allow the recipient to put photos in of their choice, this really works well as everyone has favourite photos, normally stashed away in a drawer somewhere.

I developed the idea of Brides to be receiving these from their Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, even their Husband to be etc, (anyone who has been constant throughout their lives) after seeing a film where the Mother and the Grandmother gave the Bride to be a memory box the night before her wedding. I’ve got to admit it, it really choked me as I thought it was such a beautiful thing to do.

When I started to research it I quickly found it was very popular in America to give a memory book to the bride to be the night before her big day. So I thought why not send the bride off to her new life with an inspirational book she can keep forever which could become a family heirloom, which would give future generations a glimpse into their past. The new bride could add her own photos after the big day but it would be a constant reminder of a special moment in time, the night before her big day, the last night before she became a wife, the last night before she aquired a Husband. the last night before she took her vows and embarked on a new life.

I am so passionate about theses books and feel every Bride to be should have one, they are just beautiful amd more often than not recipients tend to cry when they receive one of these as they are so touched.

These books are roughly 6″ x 6″ square so they are a nice size to have on display, a beautiful, sentimental, constant reminder of the day the Bride became a Wife.

Alisons website is under construction as we speak and will hopefully will be completed in about 2 weeks the address is www.isabellageorge.co.uk

In the meantime you can contact Alison via the following –  e-mail: isabellageorgehandmade@hotmail.co.uk – twitter: http://twitter.com/IsabellaGeorge4


STOP PRESS Alison has now just started making 12 x 12 handmade wedding canvasses, these are really unique and gorgeous, thought you might like to see them.

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