This crystal is named after Daniel Swarovski who was the son of a glass cutter from Czech Republic. There are other well-known crystals produced in the same area, namely Czech Crystal or Bohemian Crystal, but Swarovski is a more superior product and this is why it fetches a higher price.
Daniel Swarovski invented the automatic cutting machine in 1892 which revolutionised crystal production. He opened his own crystal-cutting factory in Austria using hydroelectricity to power the machinery that cut and ground the crystals. The reason why Swarovski crystal is so desirable is because of its high refraction rate, so only crystals containing around 32% lead are good enough to make the grade.
One of the most popular types of Swarovski crystal has a special coating containing metallic chemicals that help to create a crystal that can refract light in a spectacular rainbow range of colours. This is known as Aurora Borealis or “AB”. So if you ever looked at Swarovski crystal jewellery and wondered what the term “AB crystal” meant, now you know it has been coated with Aurora Borealis.
Back in 1955 Swarovski worked closely with the French designer Christian Dior when developing the Aurora Borealis Crystal. The result was the creation of a crystal coating that gave the stone a stunning iridescent effect that reflects whatever colour is worn close to it. Swarovski crystal has since been a favourite with fashion houses all over the world, and has a classic charm and appeal that never goes out of fashion.

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