I use a vast quantity of Swarovski pearls here at Bridal Designs as they are such good quality. Most people are aware of Swarovski crystal but may not know about their pearly relations so here’s a bit of info!  The pearls are totally uniform in colour and size making them ideal for use in pearl bridal jewellery where you need a perfect result.

Swarovski crystal pearls are made with a core of Swarovski crystal which gives the pearl authentic weight, the pearl effect is then acheived using a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski themselves. Strict quality controls means that every pearl is guaranteed to be flawless.

Some cheaper faux pearls are available but the coating on them can often flake and they can react to perfume and sunlight which discolours them.

You can see the Swarovski pearls in ‘action’ here in my latest piece-the Natasha Pearl Bridal Choker.

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