Here at Bridal Designs our mission is to provide you with timeless luxurious wedding jewellery, pieces that will stand the test of time and not make your grandkids laugh hysterically at your wedding photos in forty years time.

Have a look at the video above, this is Elizabeth Taylors wedding dress from her marriage to Conrad Hilton in the 1950’s. It wouldn’t look too out of place at a wedding today, Kate Middletons dress is another example of a dress that will still look fantastic in 20, 50 or a hundred years time as she chose a classic timeless design. Compare it with a gown such as Princess Dianas in the 1980’s which although the height of fashion at the time could only be from the decade of frills and flounce.

Elizabeths dress was donated by her to an auction originally in the 1960’s. The lady that bought it gave it to her grandaughter who wore it at her own wedding (her marriage is still going strong!).

The dress was put up again for auction this week at Christies with an estimate of £50,000, it smashed through that reaching an incredible £121.875

Choose a timeless design and theres no guarantee that your dress wil be worth thousands in the future…but your wedding photos will be priceless for all the right reasons.

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